About the company

Over the last 10 years, Stock Savy has grown internally to become one of the premier firms with over $100 million in equity capital. Stock Savy conducts its broker/dealer business on over 120 market destinations worldwide.


Generate Higher Returns

Earn revenue even when you do not trade. We pay market rate interest on your idle balances.

Higher Interest on Balances

We continuously searche and reroute to the best available prices for stocks, options and combinations.

Best Price Execution

We offer lower commissions, no ticket charges; no minimums; no technology, software, platform, or reporting fees; and low financing rates, with higher loan values on portfolio margin accounts over $100K.

Integrated Investment Management

Your Stock Savy account is not just for investing. Use your account to borrow at the lowest rates or spend wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted. Set up online bill pay to simplify your expense management. Use Stock SavyPortfolio Analyst to combine real-time Stock Savy account data with held-away account information for a consolidated, whole-portfolio view.

  • - Richard Gordon
    I have improved my trading by about 50%. In my ordinary job, the trainers have a saying about new hires, "They just don't know what they don't know". It helps explain why so many errors are made by the new folks if they are turned loose too soon. It also applies to many folks that are relatively new to trading. Now I know a little more about what questions to ask and when to ask them thanks to my investments at Stock Savy.
    - Richard Gordon
  • - Ron Avina
    My big success with SS is understanding the results obtainable using your system. I have been doing a lot of paper trading with excellent results. However, I really have been reluctant to make trades due to the fact that there has not been a “market” correction. This feeling that I am having is all about trying to walk on whole “eggs”; very touchy. I am not new to investing; been at it since age 24, and now 71. One favorite and most reliable trading systems is Stock Savy.
    - Ron Avina
  • - Douglas Meyers
    I am overwhelmed with the statistical and technical capabilities here. I especially appreciate your attention to our friend the trend. The capabilities are almost unimaginable and must represent many, many person-years of work. I have now had the time to test about 6 groups of 10 "picks' both long and short that Stock Savy recommended. I must acknowledge your 90% claim seems true in implementation. Well, done. I am a little contrary now, suspecting we are over-bought, so I seek shorts and have successfully tested weaklings with success.
    - Douglas Meyers

Financial Strength and Stability

Our strong capital position, conservative balance sheet and automated risk controls protect Stock Savy and our clients from large trading losses.

Unlike other firms, where management owns a small share, we participate substantially in the downside just as much as in the upside which makes us run our business conservatively. We hold no material positions in OTC securities or derivatives.

Lower Your Costs to Maximize Your Return